Percussion Workshops

Percussion Workshops 




Our Drum and percussion workshops are designed to provide people with a bigger learning experience and more insight into the cultural back ground of the instruments and there use in Traditional music. Our aim is to teach rhythms and drumming skills in a similar way to learning it from a traditional drum teacher. 

During a workshop people can learn about the different techniques used to produce different sounds and rhythms with many  instruments. 

All of this is done  in a relaxed, fun and  hands on experience, involving the entire group.

We use allot of different methods of ear training through fun rhythm games and exercises  to boost co-ordination and increase unity, co-operation and energy within the group. 

Workshops create a non threatening  environment where people can discover their ability , learn new skills and also challenge their inhibitions within a group.

Our workshops are very suitable for groups who would like to try something unique, fun and very energetic.

Workshops can be tailored to suit many situations..

Schools can have 1-4 hours sessions in a day and also make this a weekly activity..

Companies can use workshops for team building events.


We provide groups with ( artist in residence programs  ) which give each class or  group a number of workshops (1 class per week ) over a term or 4 - 6 weeks, this allows its participants to really develop there skills on a number of different instruments and enjoy a fun and  educational weekly activity. 


Some schools find workshops a great way for students and teachers to learn how to play a variety of rhythms and arrangements on several instruments together and create music. 

Students and teachers have an opportunity to learn about Africa, its geography culture and music.

Teachers have the chance to learn some valuable techniques, tips and tricks for teaching percussion and using percussion and drums in there classes. 

Some special needs groups and care facilities use percussion workshops as a weekly music therapy session, enjoying playing music together while also learning some traditional arrangements and song.

Groups can also prepare a performance piece for an upcoming show or event - awards nights - cultural shows - office party- community festivals or just for fun…  After completing a  workshop.

Workshops are also very suitable for people who have an interest in learning more about playing particular instruments and developing good technique and knowledge of traditional rhythms and songs from Africa.


During a workshop a group can have  the opportunity to view some DVD footage, slide shows and maps to gain an insight into how traditional music is performed and the different regions of the world where the instruments  originate.

We hope to promote the awareness of other cultures and promote awareness of Africa, its people, culture and the great energy and fun we all get from playing music together.


All of our workshops are tailored to suit the age, group size, time frame and the physical abilities of each group to make sure the event is as enjoyable as possible. 



Prices are based on group sizes, duration of the event and the distance to a venue..


Please email or call for a list of prices and options to suit your Group or Event.